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1941 Lincoln Continental Cabriolet for sale

Phil Knapp

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1941 Lincoln Continental Convertible Cabriolet.

This is a relatively un-molested, mostly original car with 84,000 original miles.

I have owned it since March, 2007 and I can trace its ownership back to 1969.

I have done a complete brake job, including a power booster concealed in the left front fender, a set of 5 new Coker Firestone 7:00x16 tires and a Dan Krehbiel “bullet-proofed” rebuilt Columbia overdrive axle.

I need to sell this car and will accept $60,000 or any reasonable offer for the car.

Remember, there were only 400 Continental Cabriolets produced in 1941, many of which have been "Over-Restored" (Trailer Queens) or "hot-rodded" to increase performance, making an ORIGINAL car quite rare!

I haven't figured out how to add photos in this new format yet, so please call me for information or photos at: 512 818-3884.

Phil Knapp

LZOC 539


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