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FS: Stutz and Hupmobile vehicles (Seattle)

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A friend of mine has the following cars/parts for immediate sale.<BR>Can you pass the word?<P>1914 Hupmobile Touring, complete but apart. With picture album <BR>and 1914 porcelain license plate. Very restorable condition $4,500<P>1914 Hupmobile Roadster, complete chassis, but missing back <BR>of body. $1,000<P>1914 Hupmobile, misc. parts<P>1928 Hupmobile 3-window rumble seat coupe. Straight-8 engine. <BR>Some chassis work done. $2,500<P>1927 Stutz chassis with some body parts and knock-off wheels and hydraulic brake set. $10,000<P>1931 Stutz Towncar partially restored, 144" wheelbase. $15,000<P>Contact Jack Conner (206) 363-8694 Seattle, WA

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