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1931 Olds' 6 Cyl Big end insert shells to replace white metal type -

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I don't know if this question has been discussed before but I would like to ask if anyone has ever gone down the route of replacing the white metal big end and main bearings with modern insert type shells?, my 1931 6 cylinder is starting to sound a bit worn and apart from the cost, to find someone able to do a good metal job is a concern, so it crossed my mind to do a once and for all job of converting to shell type bearings, this would also make any future replacement straight forward, I have the luxury of owning a spare crankshaft and set of rods from a parts engine which is beyond full repair so don't feel guilty if I can at least salvage some parts for re-use.

Any advice and information would be gratefully recieved, I live in England and have acess to some friendly machine shops over here.

Please help me to keep this grand old lady on the road and not in a glass case, she is in an original factory condition but shows the signs of a good life, so I think she deserves a bit of TLC in her twighlight years, although cosmetic surgery is out of the question! NO hot rods here.

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