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1917 Overland pickup with unique speedster frame

Dwight Romberger

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Both of the cars pictured are not earlier than 1920. This model was Overland's 'Ford T competitor' and for various reasons - a major strike and the effects of WW1 - it was only introduced in October 1919.

Something remarkably similar was sold at an auction in England in 2005 - http://www.artvalue.com/auctionresult--overland-vehicles-1922-overland-model-4-2261143.htm

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Interesting find. Funny that now every rusty car is a "potential" rat rod. Hopefully something more interesting is done with it.

Technically its only 'half a rat rod, lol!

That is a cool frame though, never seen one like it. I can't see many of these ancients being restored in the future by generations that seem to care less and less though. A grim prospect for sure.

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