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Correct tire size, whitewall width, for 1963 Continental four-door sedan with A/C

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Need to determine the correct tire sizes, and whitewall width, for a 1963 Lincoln Continental four-door sedan. It does have air conditioning, if that is pertinent (I am a GM guy, and know that also affects tire size in that same era of full-size models).

What is the correct tire size, in both radial and bias-ply, and also very important is the correct whitewall width. I am guessing it would be a 235/75/15 radial, which would be (if not mistaken) a 9.00 x 15 bias-ply. In either instance, it looks like a one-inch whitewall, not flush against the rim.

Finally, what is a good source for these tires, especially considering price? While safety is of the utmost importance, I am also wondering if it would be easier to find a 15-inch tire these days on the "regular", everyday tire market, than it would be for the 14-inch size I am accustomed to having to find, which almost always now can only be found through a vintage tire provider.

Thanks in advance for your assistance!


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Your correct tire is a 9.00x14 with a 1 inch white wall not on the rim. Lincoln did not change to 15 inch rims until 1964. Cooper tire was the last one that I know of that made a large 14 inch radial. I put a set of their largest, which was 225/75/14 on a '63 sedan. It drove fine, but the car sat to low and the tires looked too small and there was speedometer error because they are not as tall as the 9.00x14. The aspect ratio would need to be 80 (not 75) to look correct. Back when there were 78 series tires, they did not look to bad on the car. If you decide to move to 15 inch rims, you need to consider wheel/tire rub and you can not use any hubcap that looks anything like the correct '63 hubcap. I'm going through the same thing on a driver '65 Thunderbird. It has 15' wheels and has run 215/75/15 radials for many years, but you can't find the white wall any more. I plan on going back to the correct size bias ply tire when I buy next month.

Check with Diamond Back Tires and see what they have

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Doing more homework. Thanks for playing a part in helping me to confirm and determine the tire and whitewall size (9.00 x 14 bias ply, or 235/75 (or 80 if I can find them)/14 with the one-inch whitewall.

Also have confirmed the bolt pattern is a 5x5. Need to confirm the wheel rim width--is it a 7-inch width? And, would a set of 5x5 14-inch rims for a GM car fit a Ford (Lincoln)? The tire/wheel specs for the '63 Lincoln Continental Sedan appear to correspond exactly with my '62 Olds Starfire Coupe (with A/C), and I have a complete spare set of rims for my car...

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