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List of defunct automobiles

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That's a start. Pick up a copy of The Standard Catalog of American Cars 1805-1942, turn to virtually any of the book's 1600 pages and you will see plenty of defunct autos. In the book you will find more than 5,000 automobile names.

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There's also Automobile Qtlys The American Car Since 1775 AKA 5000 Marques, my copy a second edition 1976 but I don't know if updated from original 1971...the car index has a supplement of cars announced but apparently never built; it also has an American and Canadian TRUCK index as well as an index of truck "possibles". No thumbnails, just names, addresses, dates, but a nice reference, laced with all kinds of other info.

Georgano probably has something comparable on World Cars, World Trucks, but his books are outside my budget range; I do have his little Comm'l Veh 1830-1964 book, just names, addreesses, dates, types, no thumbnails.

No, I haven't compared my AQ with my Std Cat; I thought I might whwn I retired, but now that I'm retired I never have any time...

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