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Horns - 1951 Models

Eric W

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Since I've been delayed a bit on the engine, I'm going back around to another non-functional item: horns.

When I first put the battery in, there was power at the horn relay when the horn ring was pressed. The relay itself was bad. I replaced the relay, and now there's not power on the line from the horn ring.

The horns will sound when I jumper hot to the small contact on the relay. So the relay & horns are good.

Trying to figure out the rest of it. This setup seems to work by providing hot to the relay. Is the wire off the left side of the steering column above the steering box & forward of the firewall - is that for the horn? Is that power out to the horn relay, or power into the horn ring/button?

I would like to know what is on both sides of the horn ring/button - to see if the failure is in there.

I searched the other horn-related threads on here. This horn relay appears to work with hot on the small contact, not ground as it seems to be on later versions.


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Thanks - I still need to go through the wiring diagram on this. The wiring does not appear to have been altered just to make the horn work, but it sure seems like it's hot not ground that makes it go. I will check if the horn ring does close a connection to ground. Maybe the replacement (new) relay isn't the same as far as what connects where. That's the new/different part in the system...

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