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1953 Roadmaster 2dr front fenders

50 Buick Woodie

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I have an NOS one for 1951-52 Roadmasters, but I'm thinking the '53 is different, probably in the headlight cut-out.

Pete Phillips, BCA #7338

Leonard, Tx

Pete, in 1953 Buick went to the V8, so the Supers & Roadmasters were the same length, for the first time.

In previous years, Roadmaster front clips and wheelbases were longer than the Supers due to the bigger straight eight, and the room needed to cover it.

So there is no way for your precious 51-52 fender to help here!!

A super fender in 1953 is the same as a Roadmaster one, except for the 4th porthole hole being missing.

Although, I am not sure if the spacing of the portholes changed to enable 4 of them to fit and look good, as opposed to 3.

They may be adjusted to fit and look good. Mike

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Someone has stuck a 1954 grille on that '53 Roadmaster.

yes mr. phillips that is a '54 buick grille and upper grille bar. they have been on the since my father acquired from an auction in central WA in 1986.

The car has been sitting in an shed/building since 1988 and now that I have moved back to the PNW its time for this to get resurrected.

I have acquired a 1953 grille, but not the proper upper bar or extensions for that bar.

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