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Copart Auctions in Eugene Oregon is auctioning a Yellow 89 and a Red 1990 Chrysler Maserati 1 wk

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Both of these cars are clean title vehicles with just normal wear and care. Both Tops on both cars ..well cared for...

I was just on their website (www dot Copart dot com) and they had lots and lots of nice clean title classic cars they were auctioning every week. They even have a separate section for Classics. Yes they have a bunch of parts and salvage cars their too but a majority of the classics were clean title really nice cars. Both of the Chryslerati's have clean titles and

<o:p> </o:p>

Here is another example ...a 48 Dodge Custom that looked really nice and if the pre bidding is anything to go on then these cars sell for cheap. Just thought I would finally add something instead of just being a lurker :cool:<o:p>:cool::cool::cool::cool::cool:</o:p>

Here is a link to one of them:


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