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I thought I would post a picture of my latest mold and casting. I combined the brass/chrome ’41 horn button cap with the horn plastic button.. and presto. One unit.

Why? Original good, clean, free-of-dents horn buttons are hard to come by. If your not worried about the Judge’s deductions, you can have a really nice wheel and horn assembly. Also, one could have a custom wheel. Let’s say you have a blue leather interior. Have the button collar (normally dark brown) cast in …say matching blue, then fill the mold (that pink thing in the photo) half-way to the rim in the same blue. After the blue resin sets up, fill the remaining button with Peachglow tan (original ‘41 color) same as the steering wheel. You now have a blue collar and blue horn button. Or cast the collar in maroon, and paint the embossed lettering and thin rim in the mold with maroon paint. Then when you cast resin into that same pink mold the paint get embedded into the final casting. Still with me? The second photo shows a ’39 horn button with the words DeLuxe painted with gold paint then cast in tan. A quick, down and dirty job, but you get the idea. As they say…the possibilities are endless.



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