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Spark Plug Help - Champion W14 VS. Autolight 3076

GE Dictator 1928

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I have been told that the Autolight 3076 is a replacement for the Champion W14. I am also seeing that we should not to use Champion anymore.

I have a 1928 Studebaker GE Dictator with the later series 242 cu.in 6 cyl. It currently has W14's. I want to do a tune up, but want to use a good plug and also one that of course fits, won't cause collisions with the piston, not too cold and not too hot, etc.

Does anyone have some guidance as to what I should be looking for?

Also, can anyone tell be what the difference is between the Chapion W14, W18, W20, etc?

Many thanks!


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My model AA truck has been running daily on W 14 plugs for 15 years and about 100.00 miles and have had no trouble with them at all . Just put a full set of 6 into a Dodge Brothers Stanard Six about 6.000 miles ago and no problems. Unless you are going to do 20.000 miles a year I would not worry about them .Bob

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