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Ziebell/Zeibel Car/Cyclecar's Badger 4cyl Engine Correction

Bud Tierney

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The american-automobiles.com website on the above car/cyclecar (sources differ) attributes it's Badger engine to the Christensen Engineering Co, Milw, who did build a line of industrial harizontal engines and farm type water cooled engines...

However, it appears from references in Carette Vol's 1 and 2, other period sources, etc, that the engine was actually to be produced in Oshkosh by the Badger Motor Co of Oshkosh, one of the entities of the Termaat & Monahan/Fahrney/Universal Motors tangle...

Ziebell was employed by Termaat & Monahan, marine engine builders, who were involved in the TM and TMF high-wheelers; Std Cat says that Badger M'f'g Co was formed to market the improved TMF, and that Ziebell cars were produced in their shops.

The Badger engine is described and pictured as a 4cyl 4cycle inline bloc water cooled 21/2x31/2, the right size for a cyclecar/light car engine. As any production of the Ziebell seems problematic, it's possible the Badger engine never got past prototype, assuming the period illustration was actually of an extant engine.

I saw no contact info on the am-auto site, so am posting here for the record.

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