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I have a friend who owns a 1929 Olds four-door with a straight six. Not sure of the exact model at the moment (F29??). He needs to get a new battery for it. It's 99% stock. Any suggestions?


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Me...I'm cheap...No...I'm frugal...No..... I'm Thrifty........

I get my 6 volt batteries at my local Town and Country store...Six volt batteries for a lot of tractors...Not saying that an Optima isn't a good battery but.........

Just look for the cold cranking amps for one. They do vary from battery to battery.

Old Codger

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You can buy the 6-Volt Optima Battery on Amazon.com

That way it is absolutely fresh, not sitting on a shelf for 2 years, and it runs about $112.59 with no tax and free shipping. follow this link:


I have used these in many of my cars, and sometimes will strap a pair in parallel for incredible cranking amps

Be sure to replace your old cables (especially if they are the cheap 12-volt type) with 00 or 000 cable and soldered terminals for best performance

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Am in south jersey      have two cars from the 30s     new wires      have always been able to get a regular 6 Volt for about $ 80.00    if your wires and ground are in good shape never understood why you would need more amps or switch to 12 volt

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