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1937 Packard 12 for sale


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I am very fond of your site; actually, I have fallen in love with it due<BR>to its multifaceted views.<BR>Taking this opportunity, I'd like to ask you for a favor: could you<BR>please advise me how to place an advertisement for the antique car I<BR>have; I am a proud owner of Packard 12, 1937 year issue (you might see<BR>it in the picture I will provide). The car is in excellent condition and has always<BR>been praised at autoexhibitons.<BR>Thus, my point is - what can I do so that you could help me to sell it?<P>Will be waiting for your answer.<BR>cgrainco@access.sanet.ge<BR>(+995 32) 98-25-39<P>Yours very sincere,<BR>Gocha Chulukhadze. cgrainco@access.sanet.ge

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I gather from your name that you are Georgian, are you anywhere near Tblisi? I have a friend who imports rugs and travels there frequently.<BR> Regards, Carleton

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