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was looking to buy clutch and got this response think its a scam

This is a message from od77 at AACA Forums ( http://forums.aaca.org/index.php ). The AACA Forums owners cannot accept any responsibility for the contents of the email.

To email od77, you can use this online form:


OR, by email:


This is the message:

Hi, I have the required item(s) as listed and you can let me know if you are in need of others. I can call or txt if you don't mind. What's your phone number? E-mail me on od774138@gmail.com


Oscar Davis

United Kingdom.

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The non-specific nature of the term "item(s)" would seem to indicate a scam. With no prior posts and a non-specific email response to a wanted ad, I would say this is a scammer. I have banned that user.

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Good job. He sent me a PM on Thursday asking if I still was looking for 31 Cadillac cylinder blocks. Said to contact him via an email address. I simply ignored him.

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I had the same adventure with this guy. First response was from the United Kingdom. Another offer for the parts I was looking for came from a different email. Same story Paypal is down just send a money gram. When I asked for specific pictures, the response was that he couldn't upload pictures. Gave his location as Florida. Interesting that the email was sent at 3AM if that was the true location. Good warning to all AACA members. Don't get scammed!

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