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1948 Chrysler Windsor questions


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First, thanks in advance for your help. I'm new here and have been learning a lot through the forums about my new car already.

On to my situation: I just bought a '48 Windsor Sedan, 6 cyl, that needs some work. It runs but not comfortable enough for me to take it anywhere yet. I don't have a ton of experience with cars but I'm a quick learner.

I replaced the battery, but I can't get a charge. I think the ammeter is working. It appears to be close to zero with the car off, when I turn the key, it goes slightly to the left/negative reading. After it starts, it does not move, even when I rev it up or drive it. I have a "Motor's Auto Repair Manual" from 1957 that discusses voltage regulators and generators from 1949-1957. I did the three tests it says to do to test the regulator if there is no charge: 1. verify ground of the regulator, result was still no charge; 2. connect the field terminal to a ground, result was still no charge; 3. connect the armature terminal to the battery terminal, result was still no charge. According to the book, this indicates a problem elsewhere in the charging system. I did each of these tests while revving the engine to ensure the generator should charge. I also connected the field terminal on the generator to the ground with no charge shown on the ammeter.

Q1: Could my ammeter be not working?

Q2: Is the book I have not giving me good information since the years don't match?

Q3: I learned I don't have the stock voltage regulator so I ordered what is supposed to be the NOS part, when I install it, will I have to make any adjustments?

Q4: Is there something else I need to do to test the regulator or generator?

Q5: After installing the new regulator, what is my next action? Remove and inspect the generator? Get a rebuild kit?

Q6: How do I know what the stock generator was?

Q6: I think I need a shop manual. Is there a good place to buy one or download one? Does anybody have an electronic file they'd like to share?

Q7: Any recommendations on where to get an owner's manual? I don't mind an electronic version or reprint.

Q8: Any other books/manuals I should hunt down?

Q9: I have no idea how to drive a fluid drive transmission. They guy I bought it from seemed like he didn't know much and he admitted that he barely drove it. How can I learn/how does it work/etc? I'm on the level where I'm not sure where to put the shifter, when to push the clutch, etc.

Again, thanks a lot, I have a lot to learn if I want to do a good job with the car. Its nice looking at it but I'd like to start driving it soon.

Oh, and I forgot to ask:

Q10: My generator doesn't seem to be grounded, I see no wire going anywhere and possible terminals towards the rear of the unit, is this normal?

Q11: There is a small condenser looking piece attached to the top of the generator with a wire going to the field terminal (I'm pretty sure, I'd have to check). What is this?

Q12: Is it easy to mess up trying to connect the various terminals to ground/other terminals on the voltage regulator. There seems to be paint on some of the connections so i tried to scrap a little of it off to ensure I was getting a good connection.

Q13: When the book is telling me to touch something to a "good ground," can't I just touch the positive terminal on the battery? It seems like that would be easiest to do.

Thanks again!

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