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Lester 5.25/5.50 X 20 white wall tires

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NEW LESTER wide white wall tires - set of 4 (never mounted on rims)Size 5.25/5.50 X 20 with 3.7/8th wide white wall, they are 4 ply Rayon made by Lester. Included with the 4 tires is 3 tubes still in the box. These tires were originaly purchased by a previous owner of a 1928 Studebaker Dictator that a friend of mine is now restoring. The car has dual side mounts and he needed six matching tires now that he has the restoration nearly completed. He decided to buy six new tires that matched and is now selling these 4 unused tires. He knows of no defects. Cleaning of the white walls was started- one still needs cleaned and another good cleaning after they are mounted will make any car with 20 inch rims look sharp. The set of 4 tires and 3 tubes is a real bargin at $125.00 plus shipping or picked up in Elk Grove, California. email: huston@softcom.net kevintires.jpg

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