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1933/34 ford delux vs standard differences


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To name a few:

Standard: painted windshield frame, one horn, one taillamp, painted instead of wood grain garnish moldings, no cowl lights, no pin striping.

Deluxe: chrome windshield frame, two horns, two tail lamps, wood grain garnish moldings, cowl lights, pin striping, a better appointed interior.

The 1934 Standard Fordor sold for about 575.00

The 1934 Deluxe Fordor sold for about 635.00

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In addition to Motoringicons reply:

The Deluxe cars were one color (Body & Fenders) The Standards had black fenders.

The Deluxe had a cigar lighter(Recessed in the dash) and more ornate window moldings.

Beginning in May 1934 a leatherette interior was available.

Many Standard cars have been upgraded to Deluxe, but watch for the recessed cigar lighter and the window moldings with a point facing downward in the center. It can be done, but usually the dasboard is not changed.

I thnk the Standard had a rubber mat on the rear floor and the Duluxe had carpet (Not 100% sure)

I think in 1934 I would have found the extra $60.00 somewhere, and bought the Deluxe one. Either way it's a beautiful car!

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