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Eye Candy/Wind Deflector

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A few years back I had a 1991 Mercury Capri (the one pictured was not mine). Some of the Capri owners had gotten the part you see behind the front seat. Ford of Australia had made the part for the car and a few were shipped to the US when the car was in production. The item gave the car a good look and covered the back seat (which is about the same size as the area behind the tc) and blocked the wind (like a wind deflector). Has anyone ever seen an item like this for the TC? I do not know anything about fiberglass but was wondering if this could be fabricated for the car. Just my opinion but I think if done correctly it would look good on the car.

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Ahhhh.... I've seen that style tonneau cover before (I have a '94 Merc Capri and have been drooling over that for years). The first childhood recollection I had of that type of tonneau was on the old "Mannix" TV series whrere Joe Mannix had a customized "Mannix Roadster" (Olds Tornado convertible). Here's a video below:

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