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1949 Lincoln Cosmopolitan - New Project - Info Requested

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Just acquired a 1949 Lincoln Cosmopolitan.

I'm looking for any feedback or information on the VIn/Data tag below.

I've been restoring old trucks and 70's Mopars for the last 20 years and I don't know much (really anything) about the 49 Lincolns, but I'm researching it now.

This car appears to be original top to bottom and front to back, with the exception of the interior. Someone reupholstered it about 20 years ago with black vinyl, but looks good.

All trim is still on the car and complete - undamaged or dented.

Interior is complete and in great shape. (Door panels in trunk and only good to be used as a template).

Still has Hydraulic Power Seat and Windows. (Have not tested)

Electrical system: Still 6 Volt positive ground - wiring looks crusty but was told everything still works.

Has original 337 Flathead, 4 sp GM Hydramatic Tranny, original front coil suspension, etc... Was told it has a stuck valve but before I bought it, I poured some gas down it's throat and fired it up. It ran for as long as it had fresh gas and sounded good.

The previous owner placed a GM 2bbl carb on it (backwards) to get it running, but it came with the original carb and breather.

Was last registered and inspected in 2009.

The car appears to have originally been some shade of Green from the factory because it's easily visible underneath the door panels, etc.., and the current paint looks like it was just sprayed over it sometime about 20-30 years ago.

When I get it in my shop and cleaned up, I'll post a few details and pics.

----> Any help with the data below would be greatly appreciated.

Data & VIN Plate Info.

Original Lincoln VIN Tag:

VIN: 9EH624xx

Branch No: DET

Trim: L40- <- hard to read

Paint: X-129

Body Tag:

Style: 9H-74

Body No.: 15200




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Additional questions I have for those that are familiar with these lead sleds:

1.) Is it easy to find rebuild kits for the GM Hydramatic 4-Speed Transmission / Torque Converter ?

2.) I've heard that speed / performance parts for the big 337 Flathead are hard to find, but what about basic rebuild kits for the engine ?

3.) What are the details on the rear differential & axles for the 49 Lincoln ? (Any info like ratio, gear parts, make/model, etc..)

4.) Is there a source for the water pumps in case it needs one or both ?

5.) Is it common to upgrade the electrical system to +12 v Neg ground or is it better to keep it original +6v Pos ground ?

6.) Is there a good source for the hydraulic windows and seat parts ? (All parts seem to be there and still be intact...just preparing for parts that need replaced)

7.) Are there rebuild kits available for the original carburetor ?

8.) How reliable and safe was this front suspension setup with the coils ? It's appears to be a better design than the straight axle, but is it hard to find rebuild kits and bushings ?

Thanks in advance


Denison, Tx

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Mike, congratulations on your great find. Looks to be a great project. I really don't think you will have much of a problem getting the parts you need to get her back on the road.

As far as vendors are concerned here are some I use.

Transmission: Northwest Transmission Parts

Engine rebuild parts: Egge

Wiring: Rhode Island Wiring

Hydraulics: Apple Hydraulics

Suspension: Egge

Gaskets: Olson's Gaskets

I am sure you can still find rebuild parts for the carb and water pump. You would be amazed at what NAPA and Carquest still have on their shelves.

I would keep it 6 volts. If your starter, generator are good then you will not have any problems with 6 volts.

Try Ebay for parts too.

Keep us posted on your progress.

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post-60725-143142602702_thumb.jpgStarted to work on the car a little this weekend and need some help on flathead technology :)

I was told by previous owner that it has a stuck valve. I changed the plugs and noticed that one of the plugs was not burned....only kinda oily. This was the cylinder that he marked as having a stuck valve.

After changing the plugs, and priming it with some gas, starting it with a +12v battery, I was able to eventually get it to run (although very rough) for about 6 seconds before I shut it off. It usually just tries to start but instead backfires through the carb.

Question 1 :

I'm guessing the only thing for me to do at this point is make room on the passenger side engine bay to remove the head and see if I can free the valve (if that's what the problem is). it might make sense to remove both heads and do a good cleaning and reinstall new gaskets, etc...

Thoughts ? Anything else I can try to free the valve ?

Question 2:

How can I get the Hydraulic Windows to go back up until I can get the engine and hydraulic system functioning again ? Is there anyway I can do this manually for the time being ?

The hydraulic system looks like it's all still connected and the hoses look like they are still in decent shape, but I can't test it yet and just need the windows up.





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Do you have the link or a listing number? I couldn't find it but then it's a wonder sometimes if you can really find what you're looking for there.

From the limited internet I have on my phone, the listing number is 141347493871

I can post up another link in a few hours.

I bid $3,000 on the car, which did no meet reserve. (In hind sight I am glad I did not win because I think that is a little much for this car IMO.

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Yes it's the same car. It's a shame to OP gave up without telling anybody here.

I Agree totally. The sad part is now-a-days with those stupid reality car tv shows, half of the old cars for sale are by people who are flipping them and trying to make a buck on them. Hopefully that is not why this car went up on ebay so fast.

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