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New to Forum - Beginning work on 1937 Pontiac Touring Sedan

Guest Bociba

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Guest Bociba

Hello: I am new here and may be posting in wrong place.

Have been searching for how to check oil level on 1937 Pontiac 6-37 engine - my latest project. Have not found a "dipstick" type of mechanism. Removed spark plugs yesterday and was able to turn engine over by hand (using fan blades). Need to find out what type of petcock is on side of block to drain water....just a threaded hole there now. Lots of things to work on.

Thanks. Glad to be here.

Bociba (Mike)

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Some old Fords don't have dipsticks.

They have

a pet-cock at the full level.

and another at a safe level below full.

If oil does not appear when the lower one is open, oil should be added.

You should try to find a shop manual for your car

A Pontiac manual or Motors manual

One or both of them are a must have for the old car hobbyist

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On 5/30/2014 at 4:40 AM, Dandy Dave said:

There's the dip stick, Just ahead of the starter. Well that was easy. Dandy Dave!

I've had the same question about my 37 Pontiac. Do you have a picture or attachment sent? Cannot be viewed as of know. Thank you. 

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