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Seeking 1929 Packard 626

West Peterson

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Seeking 1929 Packard Model 626

These pictures are 40 years old, but describe the car to some extent. Car was bought around 1960 from a man in East Dallas for $300. He put it in a barn when WW II began, and it stayed there until 1960. Some restoration was done painting it two tone green with black fenders. The upholstery was done in two tone green broadcloth.

The unique thing about this car was that dealer delivery tag says it was delivered on 10-29-29, the day Wall Street crashed. Car was sold around 1965 to Jim Davie of Dallas, and he sold it to Sam Alfano of Houston. Sam died about 20 years ago, and that is where the trail ended. Possibly all of Sam Alfano's cars were sold to one person, who dispersed them.



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Sam Alfano's cars were sold at an auction, I think in Corpus Christi, sometime around 1980 or so. I don't know what company handled the auction, or where the various cars went. The fellow who owned this car in the 1960s would very much like to find it.

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