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Caille Perfection Motor Co 6 Cyl Light Car Engine Circa 1915-16??

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An announcement in the 10-20-1915 Motor World (pg 43) stated that Caille Perfection Motor Co, longtime builder of marine engines, had produced a light 6 cyl for low priced cars, desc as 31/2x5, 35HP/1500 but maximum speed at 2250, detachable head, side valves, 3 mains and splash-pressure lubrication.

I can't recall hearing/reading of a Caille car engine, but there's lots I haven't heard/read about, and lots I have that I can no longer recall!!

To save rummaging thru endless Caille hits, does anyone here recall anything about their car engine, which may or may not've actually been put in a car??

Any comments appreciated; many thxx!!

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