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Doors for 1932 Hudson or Terraplane (Photos added)

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I just picked up a solid set of doors for either Hudson or Terraplane sedans. They're in varying stages of completeness and one has a mild dent, but they have original paint with just minor rust dotting on them. They have the outer portion of the hinges, too.

Since the odds of me finding a car to put them on are slim to none, I thought I'd post them here. It may be possible to ship them Ground but it won't be cheap.

Photos are below.

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Front door is 31 1/2 inches wide at the beltline, approximately 44 3/4 inches tall at the B-post. Rear doors are 29 inches across at the top and fairly uniform except for the wheel dogleg.

The right front is complete with crank handle and the window goes up and down nicely, the right rear is missing the garnish but has the glass; the left doors are missing more parts. They also both have some dings in the beltline. But they have no rot issues, only minor surface rust on the original paint.








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