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a little help needed, please


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Hi everyone,

I have these two pictures from when my Dad was a kid. That's him behind the car. And his Mom, my Grandmother beside the car. I think it's the same car (?). My Dad remembers it being a 1934 Hupmobile. I am trying to figure out which model if possible. I would like to get some more pictures or advertisement type media showing the correct car and make a photo collage for him for Father's day.

I anyone can help verify that the cars in the two pictures are the same car, and further identify it as to model I would greatly appreciate it. Dad was 12 then and is 84 now! (by the way, you can also see pics of my 1956 Buick Special on the Buick forum. It's not his old car, but just like the one he had when he taught me to drive!)

Thanks in advance,




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