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Last week George Munro, Club Member #3191 called me to see if I reproduced the ’40 clock face. I do not. I don’t make it for several reasons. I was going to reproduce it and John Murphy loaned me his nice original to make a mold. However, upon inspection I discovered the delicate backing plate is staked onto the plastic face and to try to remove it would damage his original. Replacing the old plastic face with a new reproduction would be a daunting task. Also unlike its matching brother, the ashtray face (which I do make) the clock face is protected by glass, never gets handled, so it seldom needs replacing.

After talking with George, we came up with a solution. Using my graphics skills I made him a printed overlay to glue over the top of the face. It may just work.

George's car is now at the upholstery shop, when done he will install the new interior plastic, including the steering wheel. Perhaps when George’s car is finished he will share some photos with us.



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