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Identification of a Lincoln Model KB

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Hi everyone,

I currently "manage" a Lincoln Model KB. All documentation concerning that vehicle has been lost over the years, so I do not have a lot of information about the car. I am really curious about the history of that car, but there is little information about it that I can find online. Maybe you guys here can help me out?

I have uploaded some pictures at http://www.tinyurl.com/Lincoln-KB . I'm sorry there is no real side shot, but there was no space to take a good picture.

Vehicle Number is FKB 3388, if that helps.

If you can, based on those pictures, tell me anything about that car, I would really appreciate that!

Greets from Switzerland,


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The serial number indicates it's a 1934 model as does the pics. Look on the lower cowl on the right side directly behind the hood(side) for the body manufacture. I suspect it's "Murray".

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Thanks for the info. I was not able to recover any information about the body manufacturer based on what I saw on the vehicle. But then again, I guess I don't know where to look. Will definitely pay close attention to the spot you pointed out next time I visit the car.

Greets, Michael

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