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1917 Pierce-Arrow Truck At Auction


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On the 13th/14th of June, Bonhams will have an auction in the U.K. There will be a restored 1917 Pierce-Arrow Open Back Lorry for sale among the many vehicles of the Michael Banfield estate. There's a post about the auction today in the General Discussion Forum, "50-Vehicle Auction In England". I shall try to put up a link here.


With a large auction like this, one needs to go to the last page of results, then back up 2 pages to page 115, lot #1236.

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That's a neat truck....Pierce built hundreds and hundreds of trucks for use in World War One, and this surely is one of them....what a huge auction! It's often discussed that if Pierce Arrow could have held on until 1941, then the company could have really helped with the war effort then, also.....and stayed in business longer....

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The Pierce-Arrow Truck fetched $46,815 yesterday at the Bonhams auction. One of the double-decker busses sold for $477,000 and the star of the sale may have been the '14 Rolls-Royce: $709,000.

You're right David, this was a big auction!

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