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Lighting Strike House warning

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Good Morning all,

A few years back we had a bad storm roll through and our house was hit by lighting. What we learned from that is to go around and unplug things like the TV's, stereo etc. Well while we were going around to unplug things all of the sudden we heard a loud bang and there was very bright flash. Yes we were hit once again. As Sue and I were walking around the house checking to see what got damaged/blown she called me out to the garage. We had water coming in through the sills. As I walked around Old Bessie (Packard) I am like what the heck is this on the floor. I picked up the object and go this sure looks like the cap for Bessies battery. I look over the side mount tire and this is what I saw.


Yes the battery blew it's top. So what I gathered what happen here is that I had a Battery tender attached to the battery. This tender is just one of them small 6v ones that is like a little transformer. When the lighting hit it went through the tender and just blew the top right off the battery.

I posted this to let others know if you have a tender attached to your vehicle and a storm starts to roll through your area please detach the tender as you can see what can happen.



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When a battery is charging it gives off Hydrogen, the Stuff that made the Space Shuttle fly. Even if you only unplugged it after a short time s spark would have still popped its top as the Hydrogen gas was just hanging there. To have it dissipate, you need to move the air around the battery. Best to wave a piece of cardboard to fan the air before connecting/ disconnecting anything. I've seen my share of batteries blown to bits. Had one blow apart on me one day just checking the water level many years ago. Good thing it was summer and a water hose was near by. After washing me and the vehicle down, I could see the lead was cracked just below one of the towers. I wiggled it just enough for it to arch. Dandy Dave!

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