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Automobile Club of Southern California item question


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I have seen a ton of the pressed tin style wheel and bell license plate toppers from the Automobile Club of Southern California, but have never seen one of this style. It is very heavy, two sided, pot metal and has a serial number on it near the bottom. I am fairly certain that it is not a license plate topper. I was wondering if any of you know the specific mounting application or why it has a serial number on it?? Thanks.





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My first thought is it is for the top of a radiator cap. Just a thought

Larry....I was thinking that at first, but it is really heavy and the threaded shaft is sooooo long.

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Maybe a trophy topper or a desk accessory mounted on a thick piece of walnut and/or marble?


Just a thought, maybe from a participant trophy?


I was thinking that it might be a salesman's trophy for quotas made or?

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It's early and it's important, as it contains the symbols of the AC of SoCal,

and the Good Roads Movement (GRM).

Often the GRM is depicted by a winged wheel. I bet the 57481 is a member or policy number,

and that it was mounted on a car.

I wouldn't alter it in any way. :D


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