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1929 Dodge-Brothers identification: Victoria or Brougham ?

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Hi Guys,

What is the exact model denomination of my 1929 Dodge-Brothers two doors sedan. I understand it is a DA series, so it would be the model name SIX, is it right? Regarding the body type, is it Victoria or Brougham? What is the difference between these two bodies? What would be the price when new, for the case with dual sidemounts and wire wheels for this DA model? Pictures below!



Thanks, JRA

1928 Chevrolet National, Touring

1929 Dodge-Brothers Six, 2 dr sedan

1929 Chrysler 75, roadster

1951 Plymouth Cranbrook, 4 dr sedan

1954 Willys-Overland Jeep, CJ3B



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Brougham. Fancy name for two door sedan. A Victoria was a two door but usually had a small front passenger jump seat with a small but nice rear seat. Oftentimes a hat box compartment sat in the rear.

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Here is an example of a Victoria. Like stated above there is a storage box on the left side of the rear seat, below the left rear window crank, that could have used for various storage requirements, such as hats, groceries, booze, etc.





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This is called a DS Brougham in 34.

Note that the rearmost side windows not present as on the DRs.

Also a longer wheelbase.


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