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Ford Banjo Diff spiders. aka Damn Lincoln pia

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Well, its been sitting, lookin at me since it blew apart last summer, 50 miles from home, I spent a small fortune and bought new repro parts, I have put it together and taken it apart multiple times, chk and double chk...fought with wrong this and that..Now I was gonna finish it....the doggone

spiders bind up every time I install the ring gear..Walked away...

I understand why so many of these cars die and sit in barns and garages for 50 years..too pretty to junk, too much $$$$$$$$$ and effort to fix..If i had a remote barn or storage...I could forget about it..Go buy a nice V-8 Pontiac and call it a day....

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I feel your pain, I wimped out early and took mine over to Mr. Connelly. He did a fantastic job for me and my '40 Cabriolet runs great, you gotta love that Columbia even in town. By the way, mine came from the factory with the Columbia and it also has a higher oil fill hole on the right hand side.

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