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T85 Overdrive 3 Speed Transmission (R1-1F overdrive unit) - 1935 Desoto Airflow, 1935-37 Chrys. Airf

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Both my SGs are now gone, and I won't be needing my T85 transmission, so if someone is interested and needs one of these, I will part with it. This transmission will be sold as-is, and would be needed to be picked up at my location (Massachusetts) because it would be very expensive to ship, and I really don't want to have to go through the trouble of packing and crating it. There are photos of it in this thread, but can take particular shots of it if needed. There's a discussion of this transmission in the Airflow/Airstream Forum entitled, "1935 Desoto Airflow SG Overdrive Transmission?" for more info. If you think that you could use this tranny, and could arrange to pick it up, make me an offer.






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