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RV/Trailer Wireless Backup Camera

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I pull an enclosed 20' car trailer with my Toyota Tundra. Last year I was looking for a wireless camera system to put on the back of my trailer mainly for when I am backing into parking spots and/or parallel parking my trailer. Since I normally travel solo I don't have the benefit of another person to help in these situations, hence the camera system.

Anyway last year I purchased a wireless system. Unfortunately, that analog system could not provide a good quality video image (lost signal and/or interference) and I returned the system.

A few weeks ago I found a "Digital Wireless Backup Camera System". After my last experience, I was more than I little skeptical when I saw that this system was "strong enough to travel through and around objects and works on vehicles 60+ feet in length". After reading some reviews about this system and since the distance from my Tundra's dash to the rear of my trailer is about 38 feet I said what the heck and I bought the system.

Well I am here to say that this system works as advertised. I get a good picture that does not lose signal or have interference issues. Just for grins I unhitched my Tundra and pulled it up to the end of my stone trailer parking area and the system still worked fine (at a distance of about 60 feet from monitor to camera).

Now for some observations/info:

- The camera on this system needs 12V power. I have a battery in my trailer for lights & a winch in my trailer that I hooked the camera up to. I also have a wireless remote for other lights that I hooked the camera up to so I can turn the camera on/off as needed. Once can also hook this camera up to the trailer's running lights as well which means the camera is powered on when your lights are on. I chose not to do this since I already had the ability turn the camera on/off remotely.

- One GOTCHA I encountered. This system provides audio from the camera to the monitor. When I was testing the system, I did not plug the "Audio TRI" wire from the monitor harness into the power connection of the cigarette power plug. Without this being connected the camera would not "pair" with the monitor and the system appeared to be broken. The manual did not mention this Gotcha. After I called the manufacturer's tech support hotline, the Tech told me I had to connect this wire and sure enough after I did the camera "paired" to the monitor and the system worked fine.

- I mounted the camera in the center of the rear of my trailer above one of the rear running lights. At night when the running lights are on, I do see a very faint red glow in the picture from the running light but it does not interfere with the systems operation. This may have something to do with the camera's viewing angle but since the camera is set the way I want it the faint red glow is no problem.

- This system supports a total of Three Cameras. The system comes with one wireless camera and supports two optional wired cameras. Be advised this system DOES NOT SUPPORT three wireless cameras.

- The wireless camera that comes with this system has a viewing range of 117 degrees. The way I have the camera mounted on my trailer I can see right behind and to the sides of my trailer and about 15-20' behind it. Some people might want a wider viewing angle but for me this works very well.

- The systems monitor comes with a windshield suction cup mount. I am not sure if I will use this mount or not. I have found that the suction cup mount does fit into the large cup holders in the center console so that might be an option for me. I may also consider adding a second tablet computer mount to hold this monitor.


- Range works as advertised

- installation of wireless camera was easy.

- the 7" color monitor does a good job. It has brightness & contrast controls to adjust when needed and an optional, snap in sun shield.


- Wireless Camera's night vision could be better. It has 14 LEDs is not all that great. To be fair, because of how I tested the night vision I did not turn on my trailer's backup lights. Had I done that the light from these lights may have improved the camera's night vision performance. For me this is not a big deal because I have two lights mounted on the rear of my trailer to provide light when I am loading/unloading in the dark. When these lights are on they which provide more than enough light for the camera at night.

- Some on-line reviews commented that the refresh rate of the camera could be faster. When one's rig is in motion they said they noticed this. Other comments said the picture quality while in motion was great. I guess I will see in a couple of weeks when I take my first trip with this system in place.

More Info:

- This is the system I purchased: RVCams Backup Cameras and Rear View Systems: Voyager Digital Wireless 7" Backup Camera System

Call for Price!

I called them regarding the price and for questions I had regarding the return policy.

- When I purchased the system the cost including ground shipping to Eastern Pennsylvania was $560 which was less than many other on-line sources for this model.

Bottom line. If you have been looking for a wireless backup camera solution to mount on the back of your trailer that works, you might consider looking into this system.

Disclaimer: I do not work for the on-line company that sells this system nor the manufacturer of this system. I am just a satisfied customer.

This system will come in real handy in a few weeks when I travel to the AACA Grand National in Tennessee. Last time I made the trip down that way I had to parallel park my truck & trailer at some of the rest stops on I-81 in Virginia. This camera system will make that much easier to do this time around.

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