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1932 Rear Axle Shafts.

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Looking for left and right axle shafts for a 1932 Dodge Brothers DL.

The following will fit:

Left side = 30.25" Right side = 32.25"

Chrysler '30-31 8

Chrysler '31-32 CM6 after #6520501; C16 same shaft both sides.

DeSoto '30-32 8 Cyl.

Dodge 30-32 DC8, DG8, DD6, DH6, DL6

Thanks for any help.

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Try Nelson Pease in Palmer, Mass. He has many old NOS axles, as well as everything else NOS. 413-283-7620.

Thanks for the head's up, Gary. I just got in touch with Nelson and he had a right and a left NOS axle for my car. I bought them and a NOS throwout bearing. Problem solved.

And, Jay, thanks for your offer! Thanks also to keiser31 for the lead.


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