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Rear Axle Problem


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I spent today taking the old tapered roller bearings off the rear axle. I had to split them to get them off and was very careful not to cut into the axle itself. Apparently the last person who performed this task wasn't as careful. After I got the bearings off and cleaned up the axles I discovered some shallow grooves that had obviously been cut into the axle some time in the past. I'm sure the axle is heat treated and I've always heard that cutting into the surface of a heat treated part can substantially weaken it. The deepest groove is perhaps 1/16 of an inch or less.



Do I have anything to worry about or are these axles still useable? The axles are off a 1932 Dodge DL.

Thanks for any advice.

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The groove is length ways rather than around which is good. But it is still a solution of continuity which is bad. If they have not broken, and the axle was used like that long enough to wear out a set of bearings that is good. I don't think you have anything to worry about.

But, if I found another axle cheap I think I would buy it just in case.

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