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Dodge Brothers Centennial Tour Video

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I'm pleased to have been chosen to produce and direct the video that will document the upcoming Centennial in Detroit this June. I'm the proud owner of a 1932 DL sedan that, alas, will not be ready for the meet. I'm also a professional film maker and have done shows for Nova on PBS, and many, many documentaries here in the U.S. and around the world.

The reason I'm posting here is that we will need your help and support during the meet. If a husband and wife team shows up and shoves a camera in your face and ask about your car, that's the Taylors and we hope you'll have stories to tell and adventures to relate. The more owners we can feature talking about their cars, the better the video will be. We will be going to all the events and we may want to mount a GoPro camera on a few of the cars as they drive around Detroit - the mounts are soft rubber and will not scratch the car. We may want to interview a few of you inside the car while you are driving.

We'll try not to be too obtrusive, and feel free to decline if you don't want to appear on camera. For those that do, just tell us the story of your car - where you found it, how you fixed it up or restored it, where it's been, and any other interesting tidbits. After the interview, we will take detailed shots of your car taking care to feature items you may have mentioned. We may pounce at any time, so be prepared!

My wife Kathy and I are looking forward to working on the video and meeting Dodge Brothers owners from around the world. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions or suggestions.

See you in Detroit,

Richard and Kathy Taylor

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Taylormade, congratulations on your selection to document this great event. In this new digital age it is extremely important to record events like this for future generations. I would encourage everyone to get behind this project and contribute. Take the opportunity to tell your stories and have your cars recorded for posterity. Don't be afraid of the camera. Good luck, I look forward to seeing the finished doco.


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Dont forget to interview some of the many o/s members who are attending with and without their cars.

I'm sure some will have their "brag photos" of cars you don't see in the U. S..

That would be cool. Is that your car and trailer in your avatar? If so, can you post pictures of both? They look awesome. Are you coming to the event?

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Yes C.T. that is my 33 D.P.Brougham with the teardrop that i built to suit.

We are at Rainbow valley in the center of Australia about 6 years ago after driving from Adelaide to Alice Springs for a national transport hall of fame anniversary.

I won't have time to post photos today and will be flying out tomorrow for my long awaited (53 years)first visit to the U.S. but I have packed my 'BRAG' books so hopefully I can show you then.

By the way do you have any room in your old D.B. for a couple of Aussies?

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Thanks for the reply. Looking forward on meeting all the old and new friends. There going to be a lot of great people there to meet. Unfortunately, I'm flying out to be there for 10 days. I was born and raised in Detroit MI. Still have family in MI. I will be wearing this hat pictured below along with a picture of our tear drop trailer also that is under construction. We have about 20 - 34 Dodges of different models including a Brougham also. Looking forward to seeing all the pictures and bragging writes. Going to be a fun time ans educational.

If there is any questions about the Detroit area, don't be afraid to ask.


Dave from DCV




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