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62 Starfire Convertible boot

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I spoke at length with Doug via email and yes they have the pattern. After feeling convinced that they could do the job. I asked for an invoice that spelled out all the particulars as well as amount of deposit required and method for final payment. It's been two months and to date received nothing. Have a feeling it's too much of a deal for a one time product rather than the cookie cutters that are sitting in inventory. Either that or I asked too many questions and he didn't want to bother with someone so particular.<!-- google_ad_section_end -->

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Special thanks to the AACA Forum Member who referred me to Dale in Union Grove, Wi. As a result I purchased an original boot rather than continue to hunt down someone who can make a reproduction. Can't wait to have it in hand to rejuvenate and install. As I told Dale, " My Starfire will wear it proudly."

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