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New to Jeep ...could use some help!

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I have been looking at early civilian Jeeps and was hoping to get some help. I've found several vehicles here in W PA that are very inexpensive ($1300 or less) and as you would expect, they are in poor condition. I like to buy this condition vehicle and rebuild it myself. I have experience in doing so with my old 1937 Dodge truck!

I have found a number of suppliers of new parts, that are probably a bit too expensive for what I like to do. I like to keep restored vehicles as stock as possible. So, are there any used parts dealers in the PA/OH area that I should be aware of? Any good sites for used or NOS parts? I am looking at a 1946 CJ2A that needs most of the sheet metal replaced, and a 1950 Truck, missing the bed. Truck also has a Ford V8 engine, that I would want to replace.

Appreciate any help as I start researching this project. If anyone is in the W PA area, and would be willing to give me some help walking through this mine field, will be most grateful!

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There are several Willys parts vendors who have everything from well used to NOS parts who advertise on the web. Some are nearby, some aren't.

Fortunately, almost everything for a Jeep can be found, including a new tub if needed. Make sure that whatever you buy, it has a solid frame. Jeep frames were known to rot where they kick up over the rear wheels. Also, check the front frame horns to be sure they haven't been cut...a fairly common practice done to install a larger "Bubba" style bumper.

A few vendors I've used...

<cite class="_Id">walcks4wd.com



<cite class="_Id">www.willysoverland.com/</cite>‎



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Guest Ford GP

Suggest you check www.thecj2apage.com look in the forums. Also Walcks has a bunch of great parts and is a really good guy. Also talk to Brad at Vintage Jeep Specialties, in York, Pa. Welcome to the world of Vintage Jeep. Be careful they multiply like rabbits!


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