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As a bona-fide Buick enthusiast I know almost next to nothing about the real early model Fords. I have known for several years now where there is a Model N or R or S. I was told that it was a 1906 or 1907. As far as I know the car is fairly complete. It is an original condition car that has been stored inside for decades. I very possibly might have the opportunity to get this car. My question(s) are these: What years were the models N, R, and S? The big question is - what is something like this worth? I might be able to post some photos at a later date, but, I do not have any at this time. I appreciate all the help you Ford guys can send my way.

Terry Wiegand


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To give you a short and simple answer, the Models N, R and S were built between 1906 and 1908. All three models are built on the same chassis, the main difference is the body design and wheel size. The Model S was built primarily in late 1907 and 1908 as a runabout and a roadster. The S roadster is probably the more desirable of the variations- it has a scuttle cowl, longer fenders, short running boards, a lower body and a rear "mother in law" seat. The Model N came out first in 1906, it is the most basic looking with a two passenger seat, small, pointed rear deck and short, wing-like fenders with buggy style step plates (no running boards). The Model R in 1907 or thereabouts. The Models N and R are runabouts but the bodies vary a bit. The engines, frames, front and rear ends, radiators, etc are basically the same for all three models. In terms of value, a show car could be upwards of 70K and a project that needs a complete restoration could 20K.

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