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I see some '58 Edsels have a ring of chrome on the tail light lenses and some don't, but I haven't seen enough to recognize if this was limited to some models only. I have seen top-of-the-line Citations with and without the molding.

Over the years I have also noticed a few but not even many '58s with entirely chromed headlight rings. I don't mean the insert, but the complete rings that forms the very front edge of the fender.

Does anyone know how this extra sparkle was used when these were new? Was it part of a package? Was it tied directly to certain models and that line blurred in the years since?

Thank you for any info. I have been Edsel shopping on and off for years and am curious.


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The headlight 'rings' on all 58 Edsel's came from the factory painted body color, not chrome.

There was chrome trim around the recessed area of the tail light lens on all models. It seems to have come off very easy on most tail lights.

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There are also reproduction taillights for all 58 red lenses that come with a smooth red outer surface. These are not recessed for the factory chrome plated clear plastic inserts. Some folks have used chrome tape on the top of these lenses to simulate the original appearance, but it does not last long.

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