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4 hours ago, alsancle said:

There have been 3 or 4 of those in "barn find" condition the last 10 years or so.    But, honestly, you are at Pebble and you leave the dust on it like you are posting an eBay auction?

As my mom always says "the original owner would not have tolerated that chip for even a minute."


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Does anybody have old records of pre war V-8 Horch cars?


OR, anybody have records back into the 40's-60's that have David Biggs from Clarksville Missouri?


David Biggs had two 1960's racing Ferrari's, Mercedes chain drive race car, 500K cab Mercedes, one of 3 pre war Blown Alfa's and MUCH more

To the point;

I ask, because I have a mid 1930's cowl tag off a Horch Cabriolet he owned,

complete side cabriolet roof folding rack to windshield,

big rear folding hinge

side cowl panel.

And the original cowl tag.

Is there a Club that has any records?


I want to sell these parts, but want to find out what I can about the car.

It did not have side mounts, did not have wire wheels.

It did have a rear seat, but was not seen when the top was up.

triple hinge doors.

It had a highly angled spare tire rack on the back trunk area and the framing that supported it was quite heavy and bolted directly to the frame rails..

Please let me know



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As mentioned above, and like the Horch picture posted directly above my post:


I have the large carriage roof chrome hinge,

I have the side cowl metal from windshield down to running board

The original serial number Horch plate from the cowl.

Also have the V-8 bronze engine tag too.


Great for a man cave or Horch owner, hard to beat a story like this?

Matter of fact, $300.00 plus shipping buys all.


From the David Biggs collection, that had one of the rarest Alfa's and Ferrari's in the world at the time, even a chain driven early racing Mercedes.

Respectfully submitted



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The Horch got second in class behind the Talbot which was a finalist for best of show.   It was really nice.  Only change I would make is lose the flag poles.  I’ve noticed that Horch got a nice rumble out of their straight eight. 

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