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The passing of Greg Field, BCA member #1

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I don't know how well this is going to work, but I've cut and pasted the following posts from the BCA side regarding today's passing of one of the founding members of the Buick Club of America. I thought that there may be some people on this side who would like to be informed and might not have heard.<P><BR>Buick Bruce <BR>Member <BR>Member # 1170 <BR> posted 08-16-2002 11:28 AM <BR>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR>At approximately 9 AM this morning, Friday the 16th, Greg Field passed on.<BR>His sons and daughter still have no concrete plans for services/ memorial, etc., so please hold off even sending cards. I hope to have an update later today as to who and where to send cards, and his family's desires for flowers or memorium. <P><BR>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR>Posts: 20 | From: Chula Vista, CA | IP: Logged <BR> <BR>Buick Bruce <BR>Member <BR>Member # 1170 <BR> posted 08-16-2002 06:31 PM <BR>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR>To all BCA members wishing to send condolence cards to Greg's family, here's the details:<BR>He has two sons; Bill Fallowfield and Sean Fallowfield, and a daughter; Lisa Fallowfield Patterson. There are four grandchildren; Luke, Gregory, Melissa, and Elizabeth.<BR>Some of you may not know that Greg's birth surname was Fallowfield -- the name he used when he started the BCA. Over the years he shortened it to Field.<BR>Cards should be sent to:<BR>The Family of Greg Field<BR>at Greg's address as listed in the roster<BR>or email the Buick Club of America at<BR>Further plans are still only TENTATIVE at this point, but the family thoughts are to have a funeral/burial on Sat the 24th near Anaheim, with a gathering following the service at Greg's house (address above). They plan to make further decisions tomorrow regarding flowers and/or memorial donations. This will be posted as it becomes available.<P>[ 08-16-2002: Message edited by: BUICK RACER ] <P><BR>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR>Posts: 20 | From: Chula Vista, CA | IP: Logged<p>[ 08-16-2002: Message edited by: Dave@Moon ]

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