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Brass Era Auto Front Axle for Sale

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Early Front Axle for Sale. I have not been able to identify this axle. Based on the size I would guess is was used on a smaller car. It is rusty and corroded and will need some work to restore. Includes axle, spindles, tie rod, and drag link. Let me know if you need to see additional photos or have questions. Asking $250.00 plus shipping or make an offer. It is surplus to my needs and I would like for someone to get it that could use it. I am located near Atlanta and it could be picked up.

Also if you know what this axle fits please let me know.


Alan Woolf








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This looks like an E-M-F 30 Front axle to me. Just spent months restoring mine, so It is all fresh in my head. Tie Rod bolt looks different, but could have been changed. I still think it is E-M-F.

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