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Painting after alkaline dip

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Glad I found this site and hoping to get an answer to a question that I have been searching.

I had my Magnum 500 rims alkaline dipped which nicely removed all the rust and paint and left all the beautiful chrome spokes. So now my question is this. After alkaline dipping what is the process to get the rims back into Satin Black. I was told by the alkaline stripper to wash with soap to remove any residue. But than what? What kind of primer on the bare metal? Epoxy,self etching? And than do I just top coat? Maybe a clear after that? If somebody could give me a step by step for a long lasting job I would appreciate it. Also wonder if I could do this with rattle cans?


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Powder coating might be a problem. I need to mask off the spokes and not sure if the tape would survive the powder coating process. I have a compressor setup just have never painted with it before.

Regular masking tape probably would not survive. I've done a good deal of powder coating myself, and use tape specifically designed for that purpose.

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