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1954 OLDSMOBILE SUPER 88 SEDAN - 87,600 mile ORIGINAL near RALEIGH, NC --- Potential HPOF car

Beautiful, Solid, No-Rust, All-Original 2-Owner Driver-Quality Always-Garaged Survivor - Completed Multiple Founders & Sentimental Tours.

My cousin, an AACA member and recent widow had decided to offer her all-original, exceptionally solid survivor/driver 1954 Oldsmobile Super 88 4-door sedan. She wishes to see the big, powerful Olds enjoyed by someone who will appreciate, and continue to maintain this wonderful 87,xxx mile "Time-Capsule".


Totally solid with no rust, the Super 88 looks wonderful in her factory-original medium Metallic Green Paint. The body shows no signs of prior damage, although the left rear quarter panel appears to have been repainted sometime in her distant past, Both fender skirts also show areas of touch-up, possibly scraped during mounting/dismounting. There is also a minor ding in the upper right front fender, visible when viewed from just the right angle. The lighter-colored roof is streaked from rubbing, and is rubbed through the paint on the front left corner. All glass appears original and excellent, with side windows rolling up and down effortlessly.


Sitting in this 1954 time capsule is like being cradled on a very expensive, super supportive sofa. Seats and door panels are in excellent condition and appear original. The carpet is so good that, while it appears correct and original, I suspect it may have been replaced - but it could be original.

Gauges and instruments look and work as new, interior chrome is exceptional - even the original radio and clock are perfect. Only the speedometer needs attention - I believe that the cable needs to be lubed, but there is a brand new cable in the trunk, along with the original jack and spare belts.

The big beautiful steering wheel is amazing, and even proclaims "POWER STEERING" at its top edge.


The original 324ci Overhead Valve Rocket-88 engine starts at the first turn, idles smoothly without any noises, and pulls the big Olds like a freight train. The Hydra-Matic 4-speed transmission had been totally rebuilt and shifts through all gears the way it was designed to. The power brakes and power steering work flawlessly and the power steering pump hoses were replaced. A spare power steering pump and pulley are included. The cooling system was gone through, with the radiator being redone with an extra pass core to ensure cool running under all conditions - even with the Mark-IV Air Conditioning. The owners illness had prevented him from completing installing the last new A/C hose and charging the A/C system so the belts are in the trunk. All cooling system hoses and vacuum hoses were replaced, as were the oil pan gasket and the rocker cover gaskets. An electric fuel pump was also added, even though the proper mechanical pump is fully functional. Many of us have learned that using an electric pump to prime the fuel system allows our lees-frequently used cars to start instantly, and these can also help eliminate vapor lock caused by modern fuels. The fuel tank was boiled out and properly coated. Even the vacuum-operated windshield wipers work perfectly.

All springs and shock absorbers were replaced along with exhaust and new universal joints, and alignment. The Super 88 rides on modern narrow-whitewall radial tires, has been driven cross-country at highway speeds, and has successfully completed several National AACA and VMCCA tours.


The recently deceased owner was meticulous with regard to records-keeping, and was equally careful with ensuring that the Oldsmobile was always properly maintained. A photocopy of his notes will be included for the next caretaker to retain. Barry always cared for the car the proper way he maintained all mechanical things - with respect, caution, and planning - as though they were meant to last a lifetime. This car continues to show the care he lavished on her, and will provide the new owner with miles of smiles.


We are delighted to offer this fine Oldsmobile, to be adopted by her next caretaker, with an asking price of $15,000.

Of course we are always open to a reasonable offer.

Please do not contact the owner directly, but rather contact me - MARTY ROTH" - PM or Email me

Go to the top left of this ad - Click on my name, and then choose to PM or Email





















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Marty, I wish it was a 1955 or a two door. Anyway, I paid $15K for a 53 Olds in almost the exact same condition, and have had to put another two grand into it. I can't stand the narrow white wall tires, which my car also had. So, it was $912 for four Diamondback wide whitewall radials. Gene Roy and Randy Rutherford both knew my car but it doesn't have those long-distance track records that your car has. It did travel from Florida to Virginia and back for the 2012 Sentimental Tour though -- with a huge oil leak that I found and had fixed. I installed clear plastic seat covers to protect the original upholstery and reupholstered the trunk, $600. I just don't need another car. At 75, I need to be selling cars, not buying cars. I'll probably sell the two '39 Buick convertibles sometime during the next 3-4 years. Keep in touch with me though. If the car doesn't sell and the price comes down a bunch, I might add it to my collection even though I have never liked the look of a '54 much. I really like the look of a '55. I don't remember seeing this car with you on the tours, especially the Sentimental Tour. Earl Beauchamp 863-314-9979

By the way Marty, with radial tires and added on A/C the car can't be an HPOF, but must be a DPC car like mine.

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Earl, with all due respect,

Actually the Olds CAN be considered for HPOF (By the way Marty, with radial tires and added on A/C the car can't be an HPOF, but must be a DPC car like mine.)

The 4 radial tires would require an area of deduction, as would the (possibly) dealer-installed or after-market, and Period-correct A/C - which could be removed if the owner wished to do so.

Also, the tires could be replaced by the next owner with correct Bias-Ply tires. Of course the dashboard-mounted compass and the "necker's-knob" could also be removed at the owner's preference as they are functional and beneficial, but only bolt-on additions.

You saw this car on the Sentimental Tours in Virginia and in North Carolina -- but it isn't mine, -- it belongs to (and was driven by) my cousin Dian and her late husband Barry Gendler.

It was driven to and from all tours, and also completed the VMCCA Progressive Tour from White Post, Virginia to Cherokee, NC.

You are right, and I agree - the car would look much better with Wide Whitewall Bias-Ply tires, but the radial tires were new when Dian and Barry got the car, and they enjoyed driving it.

Thanks for your thoughts and comments, and best regards to you both.

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I hope this magnificent beast finds a good home too. It's close to me, roadworthy and could be enjoyed with minimum fuss, but I have no time for the four I have- and they are going to seed from lack of use. This car deserves much better than that.

Then here comes my NAOC magazine yesterday with a comparable 1964 Cutlass sedan for cheap money- and it's the same Fern Mist green as one of my Starfires.

And with two friends who left for Carlisle this morning I'm sure I'll be getting all kinds of "suggestive" pics from the car corral.

Lord, for the rotating shift days again, when there was plenty of time off to play with cars and get things done!

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And still was after it became Classic Oldsmobile!:cool:

Are y'all getting any interest in the 54, Marty? Maybe Paul (Oldsfan) can put a lead in NAOC. It deserves to fall into the hands of someone who will appreciate it and maintain it as an original, and exercise it.

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a lead in the NAOC would be appreciated

It deserves to fall into the hands of someone who will appreciate it and maintain it as an original, and exercise it.

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This Oldsmobile has been SOLD !

We have found the proper adoptive caretaker and are pleased that it is en route to its new home.

Thanks to all for your generous comments,

and thanks to AACA for sponsoring this FORUM,


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Hi All;

The Olds arrived safe and sound. I drove it some and it is a powerful thing compared to the pre-war Cadillacs and LaSalle cars I usually drive..

My son was visiting from Texas and told me I should check the front end out, it seemed to wander a bit to him. So I did and sure enough the right side king pin was loose with worn bushings. Not a big deal, I tore it apart, both sides and ordered a new set from the local Napa store. They arrived quickly and I removed the old and installed the new bushings.. Here is where the comedy begins. I determined my adjustable reamer was too short to line bore them properly, so I found a local machine shop who said he could do it no problem. I got a call a couple days later, he had ruined my new bushings but had ordered another complete set. I am not sure how he was trying to do the job, but not with the correct reamer. He called and said they were finished so I dropped by to pick them up. I stuck a king pin in and it rattled, much looser than the old original. I just asked how much and paid him his $50. I knew he had $85 in the replacement set and all of his time. I went home and ordered another set. I imagine the Napa computer sees 1954 Olds king pin sets as a hot item now.

I installed the new bushings and called the old time front end shop who was going to align it for me. He said he thought he could borrow the correct reamer, which he did and reamed them for me to a nice thumb push fit. I put them in and all back together and took it over to him. $60 later I was all lined up and the Olds drives straight as an arrow, no wander, very positive steering.

I also pulled the rear springs and had an extra leaf made for them to put some arch back into them. It is a treat watching a good spring man make up springs on at the spring machine station.

I managed to get in a cruise in and a car show and some drives, but she in the garage for the winter now with snow and cold outside, but toasty inside.

I now have two complete spare king pin sets, they likely fit a number of GM cars of the 40s and 50s, besides the Olds. I bought bronze bushings to go with them that will more than likely need outside sizing before installation and inside reaming to fit the pins. I also bought the correct reamer, a bit late but now I have one. $75 plus postage per set. Jim43 39lasalleguy@gmail.com

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