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"Lst Duesenberg" aka Rudolph Bauer SJ-337: when he sold it, does anyone know the price?


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I just discovered an article on this elegant SJ finished after WWII, by Rollston, might have been chassis 337 or 2405, not sure how Duesie numbers run. Anyway the article in Old Cars weekly said

Bauer died in 1953 and the car and Bauer’s other Duesenberg were acquired by Bill Pettit. Now I realize this was well over half a century ago but was it ever recorded what Pettit or later buyers paid? Not interested in modern million-plus prices just what it went for in the '50s and '60s before the whole old car auction mania. Finally I haven't studied the car closely but wonder what people thought then or now of a car designed by the customer!

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