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LX block for sale on Ebay


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The only thing that the number given (if it is an H, not a 4) says is that it's from a '65 built in Flint. That's not a complete VIN number. A '65 Buick VIN would begin with a 4 for Buick, then a two digit number for the model, 62 for Wildcat, 62 for Wildcat Deluxe, 66 for Wildcat Custom or 94 for Riviera. 4th and 5th digits for the body style - example 47 = 2 dr. hardtop as in a Riviera, then the 6th digit (where this one seems to begin) would be a 5 for 1965, the 7th digit would be the build plant - Rivieras are all built in Flint in '65 so there would be an H, then there would be a six digit sequential production number - this is the unique part of the VIN for each car.

I don't know what the big deal is about an X block if it's not in the original car. There is no difference in the block itself. The LX cam is the same as the original '63 425 cam, and there's no intake, carbs, air cleaner, or a/c bracket to go with it. It's just another 425 short block.

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