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What happened to the Royal Austin ?

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This 1952 Austin Sheerline (A-125)with six window convertible coachwork by Pennock (The Hague, Holland) was specially built for the Queeen of the Netherlands, Juliana. The car was sold later to a Dutch salesman -William Oxener- in Lake City, Pennsylvania. He again sold the car to a tobacco company that made use of the car for public relations purpose. The car almost got scrapped according to a letter of a former mayor of Lake City. Later it was sold by a Paul Rutherford from West Hartford, Connecticut. Last rumour is that the car now resides in a private collection in Michigan. Automotive historian Frans Vrijaldenhoven, specialising in cars of the Dutch royalty, would like to hear any information concerning this car. austin_juliana_600.jpg Please send to info@prewarcar.com Many thanks, Joris Bergsma

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