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Raise your hand if you drove at least one old Buick this weekend

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Continuing with the NYFB class, with some Chevies:









Still miss my former '64.


But even then I really wanted a '65 or up

like this one!








Oh well,   next life...maybe!


And yet another full sized 65 Chevy with a factory 4 speed!







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And in the NYFB  "O"  (orphan) Class:


'65 Imperial:





I like the luxury car class a lot, and these things just scream it!


Not to be outdone:




And this neat '50 with the roof addition!






And among the rarest of the evening!162195293_2019725hemmingscruisein0027.thumb.JPG.0c391239c3652b3ea2775389fbd69cae.JPG


a '78 Oldsmobile




"Rare"  you ask?





Try to find another '78 with a factory 5 speed stick!  If this was a Buick it would be one of les than 15 cars, to the best of my knowledge, but I do not know about the Oldsmobile statistic.  Maybe it was more than that. 




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The Model A club showed up en masse.  There was around 15 of them when we got there.  But by the time we got back from dinner there was only these three left






Found it interesting that these three all had converted to an alternator from the generator.  Couldn't see much more about the conversions as none of them opened the hood on that side. 


Then in the "Probably your  Father's Buick" class there was this low mileage '83 LeSabre






And this 70 LeSabre:






Let me talk a little about this one for a moment.  See that guy with the light blue shirt?  That's the owner.  He is 91 years old!  He drives this car everywhere!  He is out 4 - 5 days a week going to Cruise In's and rarely misses a bigger show, like Rhinebeck or Lake George events.   Two weeks ago he drove myself and two others to dinner before the Hemmings event and had to parallel park in downtown Bennington.  He got that car within 6 inches of the curb on the first shot!  He is my new idol! 

2019 7 25 hemmings cruise in 0031.JPG

2019 7 25 hemmings cruise in 0032.JPG

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To top off the evening Ed won the "Favorite GM" award for his '75 Caddy.  Some of you may remember Ed from the last few Nationals.  He drove his '67 Skylark to Oklahoma this year, and he is the guy who gave me a ride to Bonanza Oregon to pick up my '72 Electra.  A few years after the Oregon trip he fell into a sweet deal on this 13K '75 Caddy! 






As a matter of fact, just to keep this topic related,  his Caddy is riding on the '72 Electra's original wheels and rims.   Probably why he won that award!  😁


Then it was just a matter of driving home!



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On 7/23/2019 at 4:19 PM, Matt Harwood said:

Sorting them out always takes time, more than you'd hope. But if you get it right, the car will be a joy to drive. Take the time to dial it in and you'll have much more fun. I enjoy the sorting process quite a bit because every little thing you do makes the car tangibly better and many of the jobs are easy weekend projects. Start chipping away at those little things and you'll have fun in the garage as well as on the road.

Yes. this one is turning into far more problems than last owner described, or failed to describe.  This is the the 3rd Buick in a row that has been mis represented by the owners! Usually I've had good luck with Buicks.

buick62 006.jpg

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Had a family party for my older brother's birthday this weekend.  Pulled out the Queen for the trip.  312 miles round trip, and had to use the A/C on the way back today.  I was very satisfied with the 16.8 MPG and the overall ride too!  








And my younger brother brought his Corvair ( my former car which he acquired back in 1974 when Linda and I got married) 



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Drove the Special today to the historic Town of Amherstburg for their annual Car Show.

Sign of the times when street rod are on the dash plaques...



We took our time getting out there and ended up blocks away from the popular tree covered Park but a block off the Detroit River at 10 am with a registration # 485.





After a long stroll looking at the cars the walk through the water front park was a bit of relief from the 89 degree sun.



As with all local car shows, we get used to seeing the same cars (and characters...) so didn't take many shots but it is becoming more and more street rods....

This show had more Corvettes than I've ever seen together before which isn't necessarily a bad thing but they are newer and newer which I guess qualifies as a car show but... suppose it fits the bill "Car Crazy". 

Afternoon thunderstorms threatened but didn't happen so it was a good day. :)

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I have had the 87 Regal T type out several times but always forget to take a picture . Today was our car club annual ice cream run.  I bought the car new and it now has 109,000 klms on it, still all original and fun to drive!!  Leon 


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I got my '62 running and washed up in time to take it to the car show our church hosted on Saturday.  It was a good time, and we had about 65 cars and trucks of all ages and types.  I got placed in a high visibility spot, right next to the registration table.



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We took The Aqua Zephyr to the 7th Annual car show at Second Missionary Baptist Church in Fayetteville, NC this weekend.

There were 51 cars in attendance, a new record for this show. It's is a small venue but the church volunteers are very accommodating

and friendly. The weather was perfect for a show.

The show was peer judged and we were honored with a Top 20 trophy.



We even had the honor of having a dragonfly light upon our antenna to check out AZ! :lol:


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37 minutes ago, Mark Shaw said:

PRG Annual Tour 2.jpg

Being a native Portlander, this picture makes me so homesick I may have to go to my North Carolina home early! :P

Congrats to all of the participants of this cruise. I bet it was a great sight seeing all of these beauties rolling up I-5! :wub:

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7 hours ago, NC1968Riviera said:

I bet it was a great sight seeing all of these beauties rolling up I-5!

No freeways were on the tour. 

We trailered our cars to the tour hotel and drove 60-80 miles each day on back roads.

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Took Linda for a ride around the reservoir and hills of Eastern NY, over to Bennington.  I've been to this spot before but not with this car. 



This car is really a lot of fun to drive! 





Since it was an exploratory trip I saw a bunch of neat things but this was a sad thing to see:




Been a bunch of churches closed in this area in the last few years and this one looks like it's about to be overtaken by vegetation.  Some interesting stained glass windows are about to be ruined!


And here was another sad sight




Looks to be a Super!  Gonna have to go back and see if there is anything to salvage.


But regardless of these sights it was a great ride.  On the way home we watched an approaching electrical storm.  It was getting stronger as we traveled further west into NY.  And just a few moments ago we learned that there were straight line winds of 65 MPH in our home town while we were away.  Quite a few damaged trees and things, although our home escaped anything serious. Whew!  



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Needed to make room in the Buick Barn to sweep and clean the floors. 

So this became a good photo opportunity for the 12 roadster, 24 Pickup, & 13 Touring.  Again on Saturday August 3rd, I gave rides for the opening of another 5.5 mile section of the old Oregon Hwy 30 in the Columbia Gorge.  This was the only time it will be open to antique cars as it is dedicated as a walking and bicycle trail.

3 Buicks 2.jpg

3 Buicks 1.jpg

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On 7/26/2019 at 5:03 PM, Buicknutty said:



You bet, me too, I'd race you for the keys!



Seriously, it yours?



No sir it's not mine. It belongs to a very meticulous Buick restorer in the Niagara Falls Canada area. It is truly gorgeous.

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18 hours ago, Matt Harwood said:

That pickup with the canoe on top is just the coolest thing!


    It's a great rig for nickel tours too.  Starts easy & has lots of power; I drove it on the freeway part way to Seattle for the BCA meet years ago. 

It is for sale & could be yours.....

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Got the Queen out for a little ride after dinner.  


186943283_20198272Cruise0002.thumb.JPG.7732f663ec6ce25efad556f940c3b86b.JPGAt the Ranch!


Not my place but I still like the view




Destination, those hills in the background!




Learned something about the camera settings tonight.  Made a difference in the low light pictures, which is not so evident in these dumbed down sized pictures




And the Car?  Yes, it ran great!  Just like a Buick! 



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41 minutes ago, dmfconsult said:

Enquiring minds want to know!  The pics look great, what setting did you change?


this camera ( Sony product) has a setting for "Picture Effect".  It has 4 settings, Toy, Pop, Part, and Soft High Key.  I have had the setting tuned to POP, which is supposed to give colorful pictures.  Tonight I shut the entire setting off, choosing none of the 4 alternatives.  It appears that the POP setting was causing the camera to try and overcompensate for the low lighting, and resulting in blurry pictures.  Here is the raw image difference:


With POP on:



And after turning the setting to OFF:




Crazy stuff!  Eh! 

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I am recalling a manual of some sort from when it was purchased. Could not put my finger on that at this moment. There is one online. I remember reading about what each setting did but not any low light warning.  Anyways, since everything about a picture is adjustable in the PC software,  i am going to leave that setting on "off" for a while.

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First test drive.  I bought this 1915 McLaughlin as a last run in 1991 from a McLaughlin Buick club director four years ago.  I've run the engine before but this is the first time using the clutch, managed to get the car into second gear before I ran out of street.  The engine ran cool and smooth, seems to have a wide ratio gearbox or faster axle than I am used to.  Overall happy consumer and using the original Marvel carb, too.


Regards, Gary




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Had this handsome '31 Buick Model 87 sedan show up this week. The fuel lines were really badly done and borderline dangerous, so I spent a few hours replacing those and took it for a nice, long drive. You know, just to make sure everything was working right. It has high-speed gears so it cruises easily at 55 MPH, stays cool even idling in the heat, makes good oil pressure and plenty of electricity, and has big torque at any speed. Someone's going to get a flat-out awesome tour car!









Fuel lines before:

8-3-19a.thumb.jpg.2d5b5f7efba65c37f5c7d7d9e0e4df08.jpg 8-3-19g.thumb.jpg.75754e48d0defd33479d4b7d21dd72e5.jpg


Fuel lines after:


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We took the '25 coupe for a tour up to see a fellow HASC member's collection. The fan hub has been leaking oil since I got it and finally soaked the fan belt so bad that slippage caused some overheating. A new replacement hub with sealed bearings will be done shortly, and a local harness maker made a new belt. Thanks to Hugh25-25 for the measurements on the new hub.



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HI guys!

Visit our new Buick member Sonny at Virgina Beach today . Did we drive a Buick out for lunch? OH YEAH! Sonny`s 64 Lesabre was a fantastic car, he let me drive it to the restaurant and back. The wagon was just so great to drive, the 425 engine purred like a (Wild) cat and had a super responce when hitting the pedal. Good brakes and shocks, no problem to do 55 - 65 mph in normal traffic. With Sony permission I will post some more pictures under my ongoing thread under ME and MY Buick!


To happy Buick Brothers outside  the restaurant, what a GREAT Buick day for both of us!, and a BIG thank to AACA and the Buick forum for bringing us all Buick enthusiasts together,     



Sonny Wagon K.jpg

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Our sons are out of town this week with their grandparents in Canada, so we have some free time without the kids. Woke up this morning and Melanie said she wanted some breakfast like grown-ups eat, so we jumped in the Limited and drove about 15 miles to a great brunch place we discovered down by the river. After an excellent meal we cruised it home on some country roads without incident. I parked it in the driveway just because it's tough to maneuver it into the back yard. I noticed that it looked pretty cool so I snapped this photo later in the day from my third-floor bathroom (LOL). The camera makes it look far away and it's not a very flattering angle for the big guy. Oh well.




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Finally got the Skylark out for a nice ride with the wife. We traveled from home up to Montgomery, NY where we had lunch. From there up to Walkill to our favorite winery to stock up on some grappa, and then on to visit our oldest son up in Gardiner. We all went to New Paltz for a walk around town before dropping our son back off at his place and heading home. Just a hair under 100 miles for the round trip. There was a short, but heavy rainstorm while we were in New Paltz. The bright side is that not a drop of water got into the car or trunk. It was a great day.


Skylark in Montgomery NY.JPG

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I met a friend at the airport this afternoon.  He was returning a rental car, so I figured that Grenouille would be more distinctive for him to find me, so I picked him up with the Skyhawk and brought him back to our house.  About a 12 mile round trip or so of city driving.  I was nice to get one out again as it’s been about two weeks since I’ve driven anything older, and that was a brief trip.


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1 hour ago, Larry Schramm said:

Went out with a few friends today for a short drive in the 1913 Buick today.  92 Miles





Congrats to Larry and Joyce who are driving the AACA Vintage Tour ffor pre-1932 vehicles - +/- 100 miles each day of this week.


Dale and I are also driving, but our 1937 Roadmaster 80C is too new, so we're driving our 1930 Packard.


There are several other Buicks on this tour based in Kingston, Ontario, Canada




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